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HAWK is the snow gun designed and developed by Cortech on the basis of more than 10 years of experience in the field of bi-fluid technology. The principal novelty, as to the existing products, is the research of a shape which may impede the making of ice, and obtain a major quantity of snow at marginal temperatures, without neglecting the quantitatively production at low temperatures.

The reduced new design is very attractive, and the willing to simplify the structure of the previous snow guns has lead to the construction of a very compact head and consequently, very economically competitive. HAWK may be put in automatic installations realized by Cortech or in existing installations. Alternatively, there are two other existing versions: the one with compressor on board and the other manual one.

The patented head is fully compatible with the ones installed on lances. This is the reason why, customers who own that kind of snow gun may have a new one by replacing solely its head at a reasonable price. HAWK can be provided with slope’s illuminating system for the practice of nocturnal ski.


Technical data

Power on board [kW] 4,2 0,2
Compressor [kW] 4 4
Operating voltage [Vac 50 Hz] 380 380
Recommended plug [A] 16 16
Water consumption [m3/h] 2,3 - 18,4 2,3 - 18,4
Water pressure [bar] 10 - 40 10 - 40
Snow production [m3/h] 5,29 - 42,3 5,29 - 42,3
Number of nozzless   8 8
Number of nucleators   2 2
Range [m] 15 - 30 15 - 30
Noisiness (at 50m) [dB] <50 <50
Weight [kg] 195 130