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C-Visor represents a new way to conceive the control throug a computer of the snow making plants, by making very easy all the necessary operations to the good functioning of the plants.

All the controls occour on the plan of the ski tracks, properly created by the Cortech technicians in an intuitive and friendly as well as engaging way. A simple look at the main plan makes easly understandable the state of the machines in the ski trackand the pumping stations.
It is the result of an enormous work of research and development with the main programming languages, started more then two years ago and wich can now be installed on the computers of the Cortech snow making systems.
All customers who have seen C-Visor as a preview, consider it the most advanced and friendly program presently on the market.

C-Visor is perfectly interchangeable with the previous Cortech software, that are SGS and SGS NC.