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C 2

CORTECH presents C2, the most innovative jet snow gun representing a revolution within the snowmaking world. Technology, innovation, design, functionality and great performances.

C2 is the most innovative jet snow gun on the market.
It is characterized by a pole with an anti-icing head that can be rotated and tilted according to the slope conformation.
At the lower end of the pole a spherical joint, lockable in every position, allows the optimal configuration to make snow.
The pole is connected to a column that can be tilted down to ease the maintenance and inspection operations. This operation can be done at the end of the Winter season to reduce the impact on the environment. A The access to the manhole, thanks to the lightweight structure, can be achieved by rotating the basement. B The implemented technologies make C2 highly productive even at marginal temperatures.
The head can be supplied with 2 or 4 stages for the water capacity regulation.
With C2 it is possible to choose the colour suitable to each ski slope with customizable graphics.

C2 is patented.